Let's face it, in 1966 nobody ever heard about Ruiselede. In West – Flanders it was a village like any other: its mills, its pigs, its convent.  In other parts of the country, let's not mention other countries, it was hardly a dot on the map.

But, being a student, one wants to lay hold of an overspill of energy. Erik Carrette and Jean Verstraete decided, accompagnied by some like-minded souls to organize a concert. And it worked out fine. Some other concerts followed and ... again all worked out fine. Banana Peel Jazz & Peel became a fact.

Underneath the constellation of the given juncture (during the sixties Europe was ‘contaminated' for the first time by ‘black' music) many opportunities arose, which these bright guys seized with both hands. They elevated the scheduling of ‘the right man or woman on the right date' into a kind of art form. Here one can check out wringing one's hands which right man or woman one has, or has not missed out during the years.

In the course of time quality has become the trademark of Banana Peel. We try to give representatives of all subgenres of Jazz and of Blues in particular a chance on our stage. Dozens of famous names paid the ‘Jazzhome' a visit and the audience could and still can meet and greet their Bluesheroes. A small undertaking as Banana Peel thus stands or falls by the members and other visitors. Thanks to their presence they render us a permanent evaluation of the programmation and by this they are partly responsible for our constant quest for quality!!

Our site wants to be practical in particular: who comes when? This only to keep you informed of the ins and outs of our club and make your monday evenings complete!